NATPE Hot Pick: Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne

Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne is a magic-themed reality series entering an increasingly busy niche format space but A+E Networks’ senior VP, international programming and marketing Christian Murphy says it has an advantage over its rivals. “What I love about this is not just the magic but the main story thread and that runs through it. It actually has a bit of a moral to it,” he explains.

The concept follows the titular illusionist Mayne, who to this is point has been better known as a consultant to acts, including Penn & Teller, and a publisher of magic books, as he performs a number of breathtaking feats.

“We brought in Andrew and found he was telegenic, charming and catches you a little off guard as he’s like the boy next door. We were looking at the idea of a revenge show and what he brought us was something that is a magic project with a revenge element,” says series executive producer Drew Tappon.

The “moral” element Murphy cites is the the way Mayne helps people find resolution with those who’ve wronged them. Each episode has six set pieces, which build up to a final ‘act of revenge’ that aims to help someone get even, says Tappon, adding it is not about “punishing” wrongdoers and is “edgy but not mean”. “There’s also a fair bit of jinx and comedy and that gives it more  universal appeal,” adds Murphy.

The show rolled out on the A&E channel in the US, which previously ran magician Criss Angel’s programmes, in January and launches internationally on A+E channels. A&E’s sales team at NATPE will be looking to sell later window rights. “Magic has been good to us and we hope this will strike a chord with viewers,” says Tappon.

The show: Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne
The distributor: A+E Networks International
The producer: Joke Productions
The broadcaster: A&E (US)
The concept: Reality TV series in which an illusionist helps people get revenge on wrongdoers by performing tricks and stunts

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