International broadcasters greenlight Stonehenge copro

Stonehenge-WideA host of international broadcasters have greenlit Stonehenge Empire, a two-part copro about iconic British prehistoric monument Stonehenge.

The BBC in the UK, CBC in Canada, Smithsonian in the US, France 5, ORF in Austria and ZDF in Germany will all be copro partners on the 2x60mins doc.

UK indie October Films will produce the two-parter alongside Canada’s Lightship Entertainment and Austria’s Interspot Films.

The show will look at the work of the scientists who have been conducting a series of archaeological projects at Stonehenge since the 1960s.

The producers said the series will go on to use drama reconstruction and new scientific evidence to “produce the most complete and interconnected picture of the how the whole site looked in its heyday; revealing Stonehenge to be a Neolithic Valley of the Kings.”

The series was commissioned by Martin Davidson for BBC Two; Sue Dando for CBC; Chris Hoelzl for Smithsonian Channel, Perrine Poubeau for France 5; Andrew Solomon for ORF Austria and Georg Graffe for ZDF Germany.


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