Netflix ‘gears up for Australian launch’

Netflix may be planning an Australian launch next year, according to various local news reports.

The reports claim Netflix has contacted local content providers but the streaming service has declined to confirm the launch.

Netflix has hitherto reportedly been reluctant to look at the Australian market because of inadequate internet infrastructure and concerns about its ability to deliver a competitive price point.

According to The Australian newspaper, Netflix may have changed its mind on a launch in Australia because a significant number of people – about 20,000, according to the report – already bypass geo-blocking restrictions to subscribe to it and because of the high growth rates the online streaming service has experienced to date in European markets.

Separately, Netflix is to bring a second season of its original series Lilyhammer exclusively to its subscribers in all territories in December.

The series, developed by Rubicon TV and coproduced by Netflix for Norwegian pubcaster NRK in association with Red Arrow International, will air from December 13.

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