Wildseed announces first projects

Astronauts_1Wildseed, the new content business formed by ex-Aardman and BBC execs Miles Bullough and Jesse Cleverly, has announced the first projects in which it will invest.

Pitched as a ‘content incubator’ the company was formed earlier this year with a plan to plough up to £10,000 (US$16,100) seed money into 50 new multiplatform projects.

The six shows include comedy Heather’s American Medicine, which will star Green Wing star Michelle Gomez as a right wing Scottish agony aunt setting up shop in America.

There are three animated projects from Spin Kick Bros. Lone Wolves is a sitcom about a family of bikers, Rajesh Finesse a toon about an Anglo-Indian aristocrat and his English manservant, and Buck and Rick a revenge comedy about a pair of twins out to avenge the murder of their mother.

Another animated project, Astronauts (pictured), comes from UK-based animation director Matthew Walker. The adult-skewed toon follows a pair of mismatched astronauts on a chaotic spaceship.

British comedian Gabby Best is also creating a character that will be used in another Wildseed project.

Bullough said: “We’ve had a really positive response to our offer and now, as well as maintaining the flow of new ideas coming into the Company, we can ramp up our production pipeline and start setting up our distribution channels. It’s going to be a very busy and very exciting second six months for Wildseed.”

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