Digiturk launches sci-fi channel Dizimax

Turkish pay TV operator Digiturk has launched a new sci-fi channel, Dizimax Sci-Fi HD.

The-OriginalsThe channel offers a raft of sci-fi series dubbed into Turkish or with Turkish/English subtitles and Digtiturk is offering customers the premium service free for a month.

It has acquired a slew of new and classic sci fi series for the new channel. New series include Shine-distributed Utopia.

It also has several big-ticket US shows including Warner Bros.-distributed The Originals (pictured), The Tomorrow People and The 100 and Disney-distributed Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which all launched internationally at the LA Screenings in May.

Library titles include Lost, The Twilight Zone and Star Trek.

Digiturk pledged to make new US shows available within 48 hours of their US airing. The channel is in the pay TV operator’s Digiturk TV Series package.

Digiturk head of content Esra Özaral Altop said: “Digiturk’s ongoing close relationships with major Hollywood studios make Dizimax Sci-Fi HD a very unique and complementary channel to its already powerful line-up. Series broadcasted on Dizimax Sci-Fi HD will also be available through its on demand services as well as on multiscreen devices as part of its Digiturk Everywhere service. “

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