Show of the week: Sure or Insure

Amid the flurry of news surrounding the buzzy Rising Star format, Keshet international had another big entertainment format at MIPCOM earlier this month. What Sure or Insure has in common with Rising Star is that it offers up an unusual twist on a tried and tested formula.

Alon ShtruzmanAccordingly, the format has many elements quiz show aficionados will recognise, namely rounds of trivia questions that if answered correctly lead to a sizable cash prize. The unique element is that the contestant’s family is also in the studio and can take out insurance if they think their relative will not be able to answer the given question.

The pressure is on the family to make the right call and as the cameras follows their debating and arguing about whether to insure against failure, the show takes on some of the sensibilities of an unscripted series, says Keshet International managing director Alon Shtruzman (pictured).

“The contestant needs to answer eight questions and there are no lifelines, one mistake and they are out,” Shtruzman explains. “But the family can bail them out and there are elements of a reality show as you see the interaction between the family members.”

There are two levels of insurance the family can take. The first gives their relative the correct answer and a buy through to the next round. The price is half of the cash the contestant has won so far. The second form of insurance is cheaper, but only gives the contestant an easier question. In the original Israeli version there are eight rounds of questions and the families can use their insurance lifeline four times.

The number of family members present varies and the Channel 2 version runs for an hour, usually featuring two contestants. The series launched on the Israeli channel on September 1 in a 9pm slot. It took a 29.1% share beating soccer and Still Standing on rival channels.

Keshet has optioned the show in several territories. Banijay’s Nordisk Film TV has taken options in Denmark, Norway and Sweden and rights are also off the table in five other territories.

The format can be scaled up or down and run for 30 minutes or an hour depending on the broadcaster’s needs.

“It could be stripped in an access prime slot or run weekly in primetime,” Shtruzman says. He adds that KI expects to cut format deals in all corners of the world, he adds. “Great gameshows are global and this show is predicated on family values. It could sell anywhere.”


The show: Sure or Insure

The producer: Keshet Productions

The distributor: Keshet International

The broadcaster: Channel 2 (Israel)

Concept: Shiny floor quiz with a reality TV twist as the contestant’s family are filmed deciding whether to take out insurance against their family member giving the wrong answer