TV5 Monde takes Seattle festival films on-demand

jimmy_riviere5The US version of international Francophile channel TV5 Monde has teamed with the French Cinema Now Seattle festival and will show films from the event on its on-demand service.

The French language TV5 Monde USA’s Cinema On Demand service will make the features available at the same time they are being shown at the festival, which runs October 24 to October 30.

TV5 only launched its on-demand service in July. The festival films that will be available on it include La Fille de nulle part, Demain? and Jimmy Rivière (pictured).

TV5Monde’s chief operating officer, Patrice Courtaban said: “By partnering with the Seattle International Film Festival’s French Cinema Now Seattle festival we are able to present a unique and high quality French language film lineup to our subscribers nationwide.”


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