Channel 5 uncovers Nazi death camp doc

The UK’s Channel 5 is working on a documentary about a Nazi death camp deniers claim never existed.

Treblinka: Inside the Murder Factory (WT) will be one of four films that will launch on the net next month as part of a season of films on the Nazi regime.

The Treblinka camp was bulldozed in 1943, leading to claims it never existed, but in the film a forensic archaeologist will attempt to definitively prove it was one of the most brutal of the Nazi camps during World War II. Furneaux-Edgar Production is producing.

The other films are Nazi Quest for the Holy Grail (WT) from NERD TV Production, Hitler’s Children (WT) from The Interesting Company and Seven Days that Made the Fuhrer from Icon Films.
Advertising firm GroupM Entertainment is attached as coproducer of each film.

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