Show of the week: Haven

Entertainment One heads into MIPCOM with more episodes of Haven, the hit mystery series based on the Stephen King novel The Colorado Kid.

Stephen King was looking for a way to make Haven outside of the studio system and Entertainment One financed and produced it, out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, for NBCU, which shows it on its SyFy channel internationally (outside Scandinavia and Canada, where Global has it).

The show follows goings on in the fictional town of Haven. The seemingly beautiful coastal town of the title is not what it seems and its inhabitants have mysterious afflictions and powers.

The creative team behind the series includes showrunner Scott Shepherd and executive producers Lloyd Segan, both of whom worked on The Dead Zone.

Despite the heightened reality of the set-up, the show works because it has a level of realism that viewers respond to Segan says: “We believe that what engages audiences is the series careful blend of heart and humor tethered with an unraveling mystery both episodically. Though we have magnificent cinematography, eye popping visual effects and largess production design, at its core Haven is about people in need of comfort and compassion.”

SyfF debuted the series in 2010 and it the fourth season is on the way. Segan says the producers like to shake up the show each season to keep it fresh and appeal to existing and new fans.

Haven‘s fourth season adheres to this philosophy and then some,” he promises. “Surprises galore are in store for everyone. Including the introduction of three new recurring roles played by Emma Lahana (Power Rangers), Christian Camargo (The Hurt Locker) and Colin Ferguson ( The Opposite of Sex) respectively.”

Segan continues: “And that’s not all, season four is infused with scintillating episodic guest casting, enhanced visual effects, a greater music pallet and even more spectacular never been seen before locations.”


The show: Haven

Producers: Entertainment One

Distributor: Entertainment One

Concept: Mystery drama based on Stephen King’s novel The Colorado Kid

Airing: Global (Canada), SyFy (international)



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