Fox International reveals Walking Dead season four plans

the_walking_deadFox International Channels will launch the new season of The Walking Dead within 24 hours of its premiere on AMC in the US.

The series airs on Fox’s channels around the world and in the past FIC has pushed to get it on its international services within a week of the US TX.

For the fourth season, which kicks off on AMC this Sunday, it will reduce that window to 24 hours.

The move is an effort to combat illegal downloading of the show as well as providing a platform for a global marketing campaign, which for the new season has thus far included a staged zombie invasion of a televised baseball game in Japan.

“We’re committed to delivering huge tentpole hits like The Walking Dead to our fans as quickly as we can. And we pull out all the stops to do it in a huge way,” said Liz Dolan, FIC’s chief marketing officer.

She added: “Because of FIC’s scale, we have the uncommon luxury of huge, cross-demo reach. You can get really creative with what you do on this show, and our teams around the world have been very effective in pushing the boundaries. It is every marketer’s dream.”

FIC is the first window broadcaster of The Walking Dead outside the US. Entertainment One distributes the show outside of territories where FIC shows it, which include: Australia, UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Balkans, Baltic, Norway, Netherlands, all of Latin America, all of the Middle East, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Africa.

in the US the series generates huge ratings for AMC regularly beating all other cable and broadcast networks in its slots.


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