New French prodco joins Sparks Network

French producer Coyote has become the newest member of global indies alliance Sparks Networks.

France’s previous member was Elephant & Cie but under the Sparks Network model only allows for one producer per territory in at one time.

Coyote launched back in 1989 when French producer and presenter Christophe Dechavanne joined forces with Fabrice Bonanno. The company produces programming for terrestrial and cable and the web and has a slate that includes TF1’s Bienvenue Chez Nous and Une Famille en or.

Dechavanne said: “I am very happy to enter Sparks Networks and to have new ‘playmates’ from all over the world [and] am glad to consolidate Coyote’s forces on the international market. I am on my way to learn Swedish.”

Nicola Söderlund, CEO of Sparks Networks, added: “The strength of Sparks Networks lies in the individual members and what they can bring to the group. Coyote can bring an experience that goes back over 20 years and a slate that includes some of the most successful shows on French TV.”

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