Red Bull Media House to launch Baumgartener space doc

Space DiveSalzburg-based producer and distributor Red Bull Media House will launch its Mission to the Edge of Space: The Inside Story of Red Bull Stratos doc in Cannes.

The one-off factual show is the inside story of Felix Baumgartener’s death-defying space jump earlier this year.

The event itself was the most-watched live stream ever and the doc takes viewers behind the scenes with previously unseen footage and details of the jump.

The show was made by Red Bull Media House, which also has international rights. It will be part of the company’s MIPCOM slate. The distributor divides its content into three categories: sports and lifestyle, nature and science and inspiration.

Adventure sport titles include Red Bull Cliff Diving, Red Bull X-Fighters, and Red Bull Crashed Ice. The doc line-up includes Phaenomania, The Husky Trail, and Namibia’s Desert Kingdom.

“This year we are presenting 29 new programs and series, which is the most new content Red Bull Media House has ever offered at once,” said Alexander Koppel, chief commercial officer at Red Bull Media. He added: “When we license content, we’re fully vested in providing optimal value to those partnerships, which frequently means creating individual packages or even integrating marketing plans.”

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