MIPCOM Hot Pick: She’s With Me

Shes With MeUse the phrase ‘new Israeli scripted drama’ and you’ll certainly grab attention in Cannes, and Keshet International – the firm that sells Homeland format Prisoners of War – has one such project in its bag.

She’s With Me comes from Endemol Israel (Kuperman Productions before the recent Endemol acquisition) and is written by the host of Big Brother Israel, Assi Azar, potentially giving it mass market appeal.

The love story sees a young family-orientated baker and an international model and star fall in love after a chance meeting, and is told from the young baker’s point of view. He has just split with a long-term girlfriend, while his unlikely new love has broken up with a Hollywood star, played by Sex and the City star Jason Lewis.

“It has all the ingredients of a fairy tale but is a realistic love story,” says Keshet International’s head of acquisitions and sales, Keren Shahar.

The show has already found traction in the US, where talks are underway for a local version. “The US has a growing appetite for foreign acquisitions, and because we have Jason Lewis in the original, I’m very optimistic about selling it as a finished tape too,” Shahar says.