New GD Entertainment Fund makes first investment

lucky_fred_425GD Entertainment Fund has made its first investment and will co-finance a slate of animated kids shows from Imira Entertainment.

The GD fund was announced earlier this month and will invest in content with transmedia and international potential.

The Imira deal will see it round out the funding for 104x12mins series Lucky Fred and 52x11mins Bat Pat. It will also invest in two new Imira properties, 26x26mins Escape Hockey and 52x12mins Mondo Yan.

The principals of the fund will head to MIPCOM next month, looking for properties that fit their investment criteria.

Ahead of making the trip to Cannes Julio Fraile, co-CEO and General Managing Partner of GD Entertainment, told TBI that the Fund is looking for projects across genres and particularly at those that can exist on gaming and other platforms. He said the Imira shows were good examples with Lucky Fred having an associated gaming app and Escape Hockey games embedded in episodes.

“We are keeping our options open in terms of genre of programming and will be looking at everything from drama and kids, to formats and feature films,” Fraile said. “We are also interested in opportunities in the gaming world, particularly when it combines with traditional broadcast media.”


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