New entertainment fund heading to MIPCOM looking for TV projects

A new fund has been launched and is looking for TV and digital projects in which it can invest.

Luxembourg-based GD Investment Fund has initiated the GD Entertainment Fund with a remit to find intellectual property with multimedia and international potential.

The level and structure of each investment will be decided on a case by case basis, the Fund said. It will be run by Jesús Adrián and Julio Fraile.

The first deals, for a clutch of animated properties are being finalised and Adrián and Fraile will be in Cannes for MIPCOM scouting for projects for the Fund.

Adrián said: “There are considerable investment opportunities in the global entertainment sector with new platforms emerging and convergence bringing the world of television, film, interactive and gaming together.”

Fraile added: “We are aiming for diverse portfolio across all types of content, but specifically we are looking for IP with significant global appeal and a long shelf-life. Our approach will be flexible and discerning in terms of the investment framework as we believe each project has unique requirements and value.”


Jesús Adrián

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