Million Second Quiz App for would-be contestants

MSQ_Logo_0711_screenThe creators of The Million Second Quiz have launched an app that allows would-be contestants to win the chance to compete in the much-hyped upcoming gameshow.

Billed as a gateway for players that want to head to New York and be on the show the app is now on the Apple App Store. It is a head-to-head quiz in which players compete against each other in real time. The app consists of ten question bouts relating to pop culture, history and general knowledge.

Players who accumulate enough points will qualify for a chance to appear on the show as a “Line Jumper” once the show launches on NBC on September 9.

“Fans now have the opportunity to test their pop culture knowledge with the trivia game featured on NBC’s new The Million Second Quiz app,” said the show’s host RyanSeacrest. “If you earn enough points, you’ll be eligible to be a ‘Line Jumper,’ giving you the chance to compete on live TV in NYC this September.”

The TV show will run for 24 hours a day over the course of 12 days (one million seconds). Contestants will compete in quiz bouts around the clock in the series, which is produced by All3 Media America, Studio Lambert and Universal Television.