Show of the Week: Animism – People Who Love Objects

Broadcasters on the look out for unusual documentaries for their dedicated strands should look no further than Canadian 1x60mins/1x90mins programme Animism: People Who Love Objects, according to Nicky Davies Williams, CEO of its distributor, DCD Rights.

The doc is produced by Real to Reel Productions, the Toronto-based indie that is currently making feature doc Eccentrics for Canadian specialty net Super Channel.

It follows five seemingly normal people who are sexually and intimately attracted to inanimate objects – a condition known as Objectum-Sexuality.

Among the subjects is a woman who was ‘married’ to the Eiffel Tower but is now ‘with’ the Berlin Wall, and a pair of British women in love with a monopoly set and the Statue of Liberty, respectively.

“This is just about the most comprehensive film on Objectum-Sexuality,” says Davies Williams. “What’s extraordinary is the articulate, high achieving kind of people they are. It’s essentially a humanist story, and about people on the edge of normality, which is where people are most interesting.”

DCD Rights, the sales arm of UK production group DCD Media was shopping the doc to Latin American buyers at the recent Discop East market, and also expects it to do well in Scandinavia.

A deal with an unnamed US channel is close to finalising, adds Davies Williams.

The show: Animism: People Who Love Objects

The producer: Real to Reel Productions

The distributor: DCD Rights

The broadcaster: Shaw Media (Canada)

Concept: A revealing documentary about people that openly declare their love for inanimate objects, a sexual orientation known as Objectum-Sexuality