Starz plans post-civil war Texas drama

US premium cable channel Starz is developing a post-American civil war drama drama from writer-director Rud Lurie.

Monsters of God will follow two powerful ex-cavalry men struggling to maintain order over their men and facing the challenges of an uncivilized Texas in 1867.

Plan B Entertainment is attached to produce the series, along with Lurie and producing partner Marc Frydman’s Battleplan Productions.

Monsters of God will be set against the backdrop of a one of most savage times in our nation’s history, the Comanche Wars, centered on two men faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges,” said Carmi Zlotnik, managing director, Starz.

Lurie added: “If you want to make a series that is big, ballsy and epic, you go to Starz. I am hoping that the show will have enormous scope, but never at the expense of historical accuracy. My fellow producers and I can’t wait to take a shot at this.”

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