Connected TV moves into the mainstream

The audience for connected TVs is shitfing, according to a new study by digital TV technology company Rovi Corporation and Decipher Media Research.

The Rovi Study on connected TV advertising, owners, and device usage in the UK found that women, for the first time since it started studying this market two years ago, represents the largest portion of owners at 55%.

Owners of connected TVs now also represent “a far more balanced range of age groups with a decrease in 25-34 year olds and an increase in older viewers,” the study said.

In Q1 2003, 49% of respondents in households that own connected TVs said they use the connected platform once a week or more – a 10% increase over the previous quarter. Some 84% indicated that connected functions are accessed by more than one user in the home – an increase of 23%.

“The results of the latest study are clear. Not only are connected TVs quickly moving into the mainstream, but advanced advertising on the platform has arrived and is delivering meaningful results for premium household brands,” said Jeff Siegel, senior vice president, sales and marketing, worldwide advertising, Rovi Corporation.

Awareness of advertising on connected TV platforms continues to increase with 55% of respondents in Q1 2013 claiming they have noticed advertising – an increase of 14% from Q4 2012, according to Rovi. In addition, 10% claimed to have also clicked on the advertising, an increase of 8% since last quarter.

Connected TV owners were also found to be heavy device users, with 93% of those that also own a tablet indicating they use it as asecond screen while watching TV.


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