2013 LA Screenings Buyer Profile: Özlem Özsümbül, Kanal D

Özlem Özsümbül is head of sales and acquisitons at Kanal D. With a shopping list covering series and movies, the Screenings is a key part of the year, she tells TBI.


Which channel or channels are you buying content for?

We have two teams for two TV stations, Kanl D and TV2


What is the profile of the channels?

Kanal D is the main entertainment channel owned by Doğan Media Group. It has been a huge success for many years in all categories and we are airing local Turkish series and gameshows during primetime and daily stripped programs about fashion, health cooking and decoration outside primetime. We also have limited number of movies on available slots and some discussion and talk shows.

TV2 launched on 18 August 2012, replaced [Turner-owned entertainment channel] TNT. It has a four-hour cartoon block which includes hit Cartoon Network programs. During afternoons the channel airs reruns of Kanal D series. Within primetime the channel airs foreign and domestic movies and foreign series.


How much of the content on the channels is acquired?

Kanal D has always the highest rated Turkish drama series in primetime. We are acquiring features from majors and independents but do not have volume or output deals. We have limited time slots because of our local content.

TV2’s strategy is based on following new, widely watched, quality content from around the globe and buying it just after the pay [window]. In some cases they are even skipping the pay windows and airing series and movies as first run on our free TV channel.

Since it is airing new episodes of different series on every week day, TV2 is buying at least five new or continuing series for each season. In some cases they are airing two new series within every weekday and that number can increase. They are also airing around 20 first-run movies within every month. So actually they are buying considerable amount of new content.


Which US shows have performed best for you?

TV2 has had Homeland and American Horror Story, skipping the pay TV windows.


How important is the LA Screenings for TV2?

Since buying and airing new series is really important part of TV2 , being at the LA screenings and getting an idea about new seasons series with all professionals in the sector there is crucial.


If you buy something from the US studios, how soon to the US air date can you show it?

One week, because TV2 is airing our foreign content with Turkish dubbing. Even if they will skip pay windows airing new episode of the content would be one week after the US TX.


Do you also require digital rights?

Yes. Dogan Group has a internet platform called Net D which is accessible via mobile, PCs and tablets.  We are buying digitals rights like catch-up, SVOD and others to use on that platform.



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