Martin Gastinger to run ATV

Martin-GastingerTele München has upped Martin Gastinger to CEO of ATV following this week’s news that Ludwig Bauer is leaving the Austrian free-to-air broadcaster and TMG.

Gastinger will be elevated from his current position of programme director. He has been at ATV since 2007 and will take the helm on May 1.

Bauer is returning to Munich from Austria for personal reasons and will work on TMG’s German broadcast interests – Tele 5 and RTL II – until year-end.

The ATV broadcasting group comprises the main ATV channel, which launched in mid-2003 and secondary channel ATV2.

Gastinger said: “I am looking forward to taking on greater responsibility at ATV, which is clearly Number One among Austrian commercial broadcasters. We have recently shown that we, too, are able to draw nearly one million viewers to the TV screen at ATV.”

Bauer yesterday revealed he was leaving TMG’s management team after eight years.


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