History UK to unveil Polish war heroes

IMG_1630The UK’s History Channel has commissioned Sky Vision to produce a 5x60mins doc series about unsung World War II heroes.

Heroes of War will focus on events in Poland during the conflict and uncover tales of heroism through reconstructions, archive footage and newly released documents.

It will broadcast on History’s sister net H2 in the UK and on select History channels in Europe.

These will include the story of Witold Pilecki, who was intentionally arrested and taken the Auschwitz concentration camp, witnessing the horrors conducted there before escaping and informing the wider world.

History UK’s sister company Sky Vision produces and distributes. History’s parent A+E Networks UK is a joint venture between Sky Vision owner BSkyB and A+E in the US. Sarah Proctor is executive producer.

Rachel Job, head of acquisitions and commissions for History and sister net H2 UK, said: “Sky Vision has unearthed some really powerful stories from a hugely significant period in history. I’m confident that our audiences in the UK, Poland and across Europe will be fascinated by such brave, yet little known, heroics.”

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