MIPTV News: Scorpion TV banks on Erasing Hate

London-based distributor Scorpion TV is heading into Cannes with four new doc features, including one about a man who had a series of procedures to remove threatening tattoos from his face, body and hands.

Erasing Hate is 1x90mins and follows the story of Bryon Widner, a former racist skinhead who underwent the removals in an attempt to overcome inner demons and find redemption. It comes from Brian Brummel and originally broadcast on MSNBC.
Also on the slate is Wolves Unleashed, filmmaker Andrew Simpson’s 1x90mins attempt at filming the most expansive film about wolves in history;It’s a Girl, which comes in 52- and 65-minute formats and looks at why, in some parts of the world, girls are killed and aborted simply because of their gender;This Space Available, which looks a growing global movement against traditional mass advertising; and 1x52minsThe Search for the First European, billed as a “scientific road movie”.
Former Zodiak Entertainment executive David Cornwall launched Scorpion in 2009.

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