Show of the week: Boundless

Boundless follows elite athletes Simon Donato and “Turbo” Trebilcock as they take on adrenaline-fueled adventure sport challenges.

The show airs on Canadian specialty channel Travel + Escape and Breakthrough Entertainment will launch the 20x60mins series internationally at MIPTV.

Shot across four continents, Donato and Trebilock take on well-known and obscure events including multi-day ultra-marathons, canyon bike races and ocean paddle boarding.

“These endurance races are the baddest on the planet and tap into the most pure form ‘actuality’ programming – the hottest form of reality these days,” says Nat Abraham, Breakthrough’s president, entertainment. “The show was shot on four continents, has stunning cinematography, features lots of very interesting sidebar and cultural content, and stars two very appealing lead characters.”

As well as the event in question the show follows Donato and Trebilock’s preparation and the other challenges they face getting to the start line. The events are shown in detail and the relationship between the pair is also a key part of each episode.

“There is a unique relationship between the two guys, who are lifelong friends, but equally motivated to beat the crap out of each other every time they face each other in competition,” explains Abraham. “And they never let the other one off the hook. They are constantly ribbing each other which adds a key level of humour to the show.

He notes that a show including The Amazing Race and Survivor have a wide international appeal and says Boundless can play on free-to-air or cable channels. Equally, it has format potential he adds. Henry Less Productions makes the show and retains the format rights.

See the trailer here.


The show: Boundless

The producer: Henry Less Productions

The distributor: Breakthrough Entertainment

The broadcaster: Travel + Escape (Canada)

Concept: Reality competition show following two elite athletes as they take on extreme sporting events around the world


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