Armoza plans ‘crowd sourcing’ format revolution

Israel’s Armoza Formats has launched a new digital concept to create a format based on the wisdom of crowds. It claimed the innovative approach could compare with the disruptive impact of Netflix and Wikipedia.

Armoza hopes ‘TV By the People’ will lead to the production of a new format and plans to unveil the property in July.

The concept’s ‘crowd sourcing’ process, lead by Armoza’s digital chief David Ravner, is already underway, with Armoza execs working with senior year communications and film students. An international crowd sourcing expert, Lior Zoref, is assisting.

Members of the public will be asked to submit format ideas to a website, with one concept and 1,000 candidates selected for a closed Facebook group that work work to hone and fully realise the format.

The winner will receive 15% ownership of the format and related revenue.

“For the most part, a TV company seeking to create a format will have 3-6 people using the same creative process,” said Ravner. “We are looking to disrupt the process by having 1,000 people come up with a show.”

Avi Armoza, CEO and founder, Armoza added: “We have already seen that when people work together the collective output can be staggering. We aim to create a commercially viable product that makes sense for a broadcaster, producer and audience. The concept is strong and allows participants to have fun and make history in the process.”

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