Money Drop ranked the most valuable format in Europe

Endemol’s Money Drop format has come top of a new list measuring the value created by TV formats in Europe. Endemol was also the leading distributor by overall value created by TV formats in 2012, followed by FremantleMedia and then ITV Studios Global Entertainment.

Money Drop generated US$213.4 million ahead of last year’s winner Come Dine With Me in second with US$194.6 million although the ITVS GE format was the most-screened through the year by some distance.

The TV Formats in Europe report is compiled by Digital TV Research, Madigan Cluff and ETS and  measures the value created by formats on commercial stations.

Across 16 major territories in Europe in 2012, it said the cumulative value of the top 100 formats was US$2.7 billion across 84 commercial channels, a 5.3% increase on the 2011 number.

There was a 27.5% uptick in the number of hours of formatted programming shown across the channels with the 2012 total coming in at 26,235.

Endemol took top spot with Money Drop and also third position with Deal or No Deal, which generated US$129.1 million.

BBC Worldwide-distributed Dancing with the Stars placed fourth with US$127.7 million and Talpa’s The Voice rounded out the top five with US$126.9 million. The Voice’s ranking was notable as it is a newer format than the others on the list and this was its first entry in the top ten.

Endemol, ITVS GE and FremantleMedia accounted for half of the format hours screened in 2012. ITV Studios was the largest distributor by hours, mainly due to Come Dine with Me.

Jonathan Bailey, co-author and managing director of ETS, added: “Come Dine with Me was the most screened format in 2012 by some distance, with its total number of hours rising over the last three years. The hourly total of Endemol’s Big Brother fell considerably in 2010 and 2011, but made a slight comeback in 2012. Also in the top 10, Deal or No Deal and X Factor are declining. However, relative newcomers The Voice, Money Drop and Still Standing are showing strong growth.”