Eurocinema snags Miramax titles

Eurocinema has inked a deal with Miramax and will add a raft of the studio’s Euro-centric titles to its video-on-demand service.

Eurocinema operates a European film-programmed VOD service in North America.

Its deal with Miramax means it will add titles including Malena with Monica Bellucci, About Adam with Kate Hudson, Daughter of D’Artangnan (Revenge of the Musketeers) with Sophie Marceau, and Dirty Pretty Things with Audrey Tatou.

Eurocinema will add new Miramax titles each month and they will be will be available to view for US$3.95-US$4.99.

Eurocinema is available to about 35 million subscribers via cable and IPTV systems in the US including Comcast, Cablevision, Charter and Verizon, among others.

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