Tim Kring working on new sci-fi conspiracy series

Tim Kring has hooked up with Sonar Entertainment and three other production houses on a new sci-fi multiplatform pilot based around a alien invasion conspiracy.

The Drake Equation will follow the story of a mid-level government agent who is forced to side with hackers and discredited scientists in order to save the world after a mysterious signal received from outer space, covered up from the public, is revealed and leads to societal breakdown.

Kring (Heroes, Touch), Sonar, Christophe Charlier-owned prodco Pure Grass Films, entertainment content financier Connect Ventures and transmedia firm PlayThisNext have hooked up on the pilot. Author Andy Briggs is attached as writer.

The show will feature a “real time digital narrative through social media and interactive gaming” to fully immerse viewers, according to the producers. This will include’ leaks’ of ‘found footage’, ‘time sensitive clues’ and ‘covert files’.

“Today’s audiences expect nothing less than a totally immersive and interactive viewing experience that is also narrative and character driven,” said Kring. “With The Drake Equation, we’ve taken the classic alien invasion genre and completely reinvented it.”

Stewart Till, CEO, Sonar, called the production “truly innovative, original and surprising”, while Ben Grass, CEO, Pure Grass Films said: “Typically, digital experiences are bolt-on and do not really enhance the narrative. We have fused the interactive elements from the very beginning of the creative process to deliver a new level of storytelling and place the viewer at the heart of the action.”


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