Amazon greenlights pilot for original kids series

Amazon Studios has greenlit a pilot of Sara Solves It, an animated kids series about solving maths problems.

The series has been developed by Amazon’s content division alongside Carol Greenwald of US broadcaster WGBH and Angela Santomero of Out of the Blue Enterprises.

The show follows brother and sister duo Sara and Sam on mystery adventures that spring from the questions young children encounter in their daily lives. Each mystery is an interactive, maths-based puzzle that the home viewer can solve along with the characters.

“We are excited to be part of Amazon Studios’ innovative approach of getting high-quality programming directly into the hands of parents and children,” said Greenwald, senior executive producer of children’s programmess for WGBH.

Amazon Studios has twelve pilots currently in development.

Once completed, the pilots will be posted on Prime Instant Video and Amazon Instant Video in the US for customers to watch for free.

Pilots will also be available on Amazon-owned Lovefilm in the UK Germany.

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