NATPE and Realscreen join forces

Rod Perth

The organisers of the events said they “are doing everything possible to make it convenient for buyers and sellers to do business at both events”.

They have jointly launched a video conferencing initiative that will allow attendees from each event to connect with each other.

“This virtual conference connection adds great value for NATPE and Realscreen Summit attendees, creating an opportunity for them to do business in two places at once,” said NATPE president & CEO Rod Perth. “While we are working closely to avoid future overlaps beyond what’s already locked in, we are committed to providing productive and convenient solutions for attendees to get the most out of their attendance at both events.”

“We’re aware that some people have had to split their time between Realscreen Summit and NATPE, or make the difficult choice to attend one conference in favor of the other,” noted Claire Macdonald, VP & publisher at Realscreen. “We’re hopeful that our collaboration on video conferencing with NATPE will help our delegates connect, regardless of which city they happen to be in.”