Syfy preps debut of MMORPG game and TV show crossover

Syfy will debut its online computer game and TV series crossover, Defiance, in mid-April.

Syfy and games publisher Trion Worlds claim the launch of the property marks a first-of-its-kind convergence between the TV and online gaming sectors.

The launch of the scripted TV series will coincide with the release of the online game and the gameplay and storylines of the series will be intertwined thereafter.

The twelve-part TV series will debut on Syfy across North America on April 15 with a two-hour opening episode. The series is produced by Universal Cable Productions and executive produced by Kevin Murphy (Desperate Housewives) and Michael Taylor (Battlestar Galactica).

The narrative relayed in the series and the action of the game will exist in a single universe where their respective narratives will inform one another and evolve together into one overall story.

Set on earth in the near future, Defiance, tells the story of seven new races of aliens that land on the planet and how they and the human inhabitants attempt to co-exist as a new civilisation is created. Defiance itself is one of the new world’s boom towns and the TV series will follow characters from there while the game will be focused on a nearby frontier area.

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