International broadcasters attend Tokyo TV Forum

A raft of international broadcasters, producers and distributors attended the second annual Tokyo TV Forum, which was held earlier this week.

International delegates at the Japanese pitching event included Nick Fraser, editor of Storyville, the BBC’s documentary strand, and Ann Julienne, head of international development at France Televisions.

Some 26 projects were pitched by Japanese documentary producers at the event, which was hosted by  the  Association  of  All  Japan  TV 
Program Production Companies (ATP) and supported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and public broadcaster NHK.

These included Atsushi Kasezawaʹs A Step Forward, which won the award for Best Pitch, and Discovery  of  Hidden  Ukiyo‐e  Art,  Election  in  the  Worldʹs  Largest  Slum, Shellinguel—A  Man  Who  Speaks  with  Shells, Far  From  Fukushima—Building  the  Temporary Town, and 3‐Star Sushi: Chef Arakiʹs London Challenge, which were all given a commendation.

Yukihiko Amagi, Director of the TTVF, said: “The TTVF achieved great results last year partly because of the keen interest from around the world on how Japan was recovering from the Great East Japan Earthquake. However, this year, Japanese producers will be tested on the true value of how and what will be communicated once again.ʺ 

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