Moshi Monsters hires Stevenson for TV and film following Schultz’s departure

Mind Candy, the company behind the massively successful kids online world Moshi Monsters, has hired former Sesame Street and Henson executive Jocelyn Stevenson to spearhead its push into TV and film. The news comes following Brad Schultz’s departure from the company.

Jocelyn Stevenson becomes executive creative producer and will lead efforts on all film and TV projects including the upcoming Moshi TV and the Moshi Monsters Movie.

Last year Mind Candy hired former Kabillion and Moonscoop executive Brad Schultz to head up its TV division as it reaches out to international kids producers and distributors and he has now left the company.

The Moshi Monsters feature film is in pre-production.

Moshi TV Studios is already live as a feature for members of the online world. Mind Candy said it build on the content currently available with its own original programming, including the Moshi TV Show, and several animated strands.

There will also be third-party TV content, the company confirmed.

Stevenson is a veteran of the kids TV business, she has worked at Sesame Street, the Jim Henson Company and has served as chief creative officer at Hit Entertainment.

Michael Acton Smith, CEO of Mind Candy said, “This is an exciting time for Mind Candy as we build upon film and television projects for Moshi Monsters. Jocelyn’s had an amazing career to date and we’re delighted to have her on board and benefit from her vast experience in the children’s TV industry.”

Jocelyn said, “I’ve always loved Moshi Monsters and am thrilled to be part of Mind Candy, one of the most exciting companies in the kids space.”


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