Hulu launches second screen service on Nintendo Wii

Hulu has launched a second screen service with Nintendo.

Hulu’s premium Hulu Plus customers can use the gamepad of the new Wii U console to access a range of second screen applications and find out more information about a given show while watching it on the main TV screen.

Viewers can also watch content through the Nintendo device and there will be a dedicated Hulu Kids section for younger users.

Dave Herman, Living Room Product Lead at Hulu said: “With our latest innovation, we’ve teamed up with Nintendo to bring you a brand new way to watch your favorite current season TV shows on the biggest screen in the house while using a fully integrated second screen experience.”

Hulu Plus costs US$7.99 a month and new customers can access a one-week free trial of the Wii U service.

Google’s YouTube has also launched on the Wii U. A new YouTube app for the device, available free from the Nintendo Wii U main menu, will enable users to access YouTube videos.

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