Hidden camera producer Novovision moves into kids TV

Hidden camera comedy producer Novovision is moving into kids production with the launch of its first animated series Pop Toon.

The company, which is known for producing series including Hilarious Home Video and Crazy Hidden Camera, will launch the series at the Asia Television Forum (ATF) next month.

Pop Toon, which is targeted at children aged 6 to 13, has already been picked up by Indonesian public broadcaster TVRI and has offers and interest in Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, UK and Ireland. The series comprises of short, non-verbal cartoons.

“We’re delighted to be presenting Pop Toon to Asian broadcasters at the forthcoming Asia Television Forum,” says Novovision founder and president François-Xavier Poirier. “With this show, Novovision is launching into a new sector – that of animation, a genre appreciated by all audiences. Thanks to our acquisitions, we now have access to a vast range of cartoon material, enabling us to produce around 100 top-quality episodes of Pop Toon.”

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