Patty Geneste replacing Ute Biernat as head of Frapa

Ute Biernat, CEO of Grundy Light Entertainment, is stepping down as chair of FRAPA.

Patty Geneste, founder, CEO and president of the Amsterdam-based format producers Absolutely Independent, will take over at the helm of the format protection body.

Biernat’s tenure running Frapa stretches to seven years and will come to an end at the end of 2012. Under her leadership the trade organisation has launched a mediation service and launched a bible and contract generator for formats producers.

Geneste is understood to be keen to forge partnerships with other TV organisations and open up Frapa events to non-members.

She said: “I am very happy with the development that FRAPA has shown over the past few years and the willingness of the board and our members to make our Association bigger, stronger and more relevant.”

Biernat, who will remain on the FRAPA board, added: “Patty is an experienced and respected format veteran with a huge network of friends and contacts around the globe. She has also been a valuable board member for past two and a half years, so she has a real insight into the challenges that FRAPA faces as it moves forward into its second decade.”

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