Former FremantleMedia Asia boss sets up new distribution firm

Former FremantleMedia Asia boss Patrick Schult has started a new distribution company based in Singapore and has struck a deal with a Japanese production company.

Schult has launched Media-Stable to develop and distribute original content for the Asia market.

The company has struck a deal with Big Face, which produces a number of Japanese series as well as working in the web and apparel markets. It produces popular Japanese gameshow NumerOn.

Former FremantleMedia Japan exec Shingo Ishiyama has honied the board of Big Face and will extend his role to include the Media-Stable board.

“Big Face expand the conventional realm of media, creating synergy between vast arrays of media platforms,” said Schult. “Their television series Numer0n is a model case. While this show is being broadcasted on Fuji Television, the brand is being developed as an international program format with Asia as its beach head, and it extends to a self-developed smart phone app boasting a maximum second position in the App Store free app ranking.”

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