TBI at MIPCOM 2012

Television Business International (TBI) is heading to MIPCOM in Cannes to scour the Palais for news and stalk La Croisette for stories.

We will, once again, be covering all of the events, cocktail parties, conference sessions and the rest of the crazy goings on at the market on our TBI Blog.

You can click here for a link to the blog:



We will also be sending out a daily email blast every morning at MIPCOM highlighting what went on the day (and night) before. So, if you are hosting an event or have key executives and talent in town, give Peter White or Stewart Clarke a shout and we’ll be sure to include it.

This is all in addition to our regular news coverage, where we will breaking exclusive news and covering all of the major stories of the market.

You can see all of our news coverage here:



As always, we will be sending out a daily news feed with all of this news.

See you in Cannes.

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