MIPCOM Hot Pick: Raid the Cage

“If you can get it out of the cage you can have it!” is the tagline for Israeli-originated gameshow format Raid the Cage.

In the show couples answer questions to win time in the cage in question. One of the pair has to then physically remove would-be prizes from said enclosure.

Raid the Cage

Correct answers win up to 90 seconds in the cage and the contestant outside can provide encouragement.

“It’s a fun, dynamic format,” explains Wayne Garvie, Sony Pictures Television’s chief creative officer. “If they can get it out in time they get the prize and these have included a car – they had to try and get a car out of the cage.”

The show was created by Shy Barmeli, and SPT has locked him into a first-look deal.

The Israeli show was made by United Studios and will soon start airing on Reshet. SPT has acquired the format and will start selling it internationally at MIPCOM.

Garvie says it could be a weekly show or stripped and that it lends itself well to a celebrity version. He adds that it can be produced at different price points, depending on the prizes and how big the broadcaster wants the show to be.

“If you look at what gameshows are doing at the moment physicality is back in and this has a proper trivia element too,” Garvie says. “It could work for a US broadcaster, or I could see it in Italy or South America.”

The show: Raid The Cage
The producer: United Studios
The distributor: Sony Pictures Television
Airing: Reshet (Israel)
Concept: Gameshow format in which contestants have to answer questions to get a chance to retrieve a prize from a cage

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