Can’t Stop sells Funnymals into France, Belgium and Italy

French broadcaster TMC, Belgian network VTM and Sky Italia have come on board Can’t Stop Media’s Funnymals.

The 26x22mins series is the first series to be produced by Can’t Stop Media, the nascent distribution company launched by former Zodiak executive Matthieu Porte.

The series has also been sold to as-yet-unnamed broadcasters in Italy and Holland.

The series, which is a coproduction with German producer Riverside Entertainment, is based on wildlife clips from the documentary archive of German broadcaster ARD. Subsequently a group of talented comedians and writers create funny stories and bring the animals to life with comical voice overs.

“Mix cute and exotic animals in HD with universal humour and you get Funnymals, a brand that has the potential to become the next America’s Funniest Home Videos on ABC. Not only has it started to travel quite well as a TV series but it also offers tremendous licensing, merchandising and cross platform opportunities,” says Porte.

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