Cableready goes in search of treasure

US distributor Cableready is heading to Cannes with over 320 hours of programming, the most it has ever offered.

Gary Lico’s company has also struck new deals for series including Lost Treasure Hunters and The Night Patrol as well as the US rights to documentary series Struggle for Justice.

Lost Treasure Hunters is a 6x1hour series that follows a group of prospectors and miners as they head to an ancient Indian city in search of diamonds. It was produced by Ping Pong Productions for Animal Planet.

Lost Treasure Hunters

The Night Patrol is a 30-minute factual entertainment series that follows a night police patrol in Finland. It is produced by Aito Media for Channel Jim.

Meanwhile, Struggle for Justice is a four hour series that tells the story of individuals that were convicted of crimes that they did not commit.

“Combining for 30 years of television production experience, Brad Kulhman and Casey Brumels have produced a wide variety of riveting network television that grabs viewers’ attention and does not let go – from episode one on.  Lost Treasure Hunters continues that successful tradition. The Night Patrol and Struggle for Justice are great additions to our broad line-up of much sought after crime-related programming,” said Lico.

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