Travel Channel feeds its unscripted beast

US cable network Travel Channel has commissioned three new unscripted series including series from indie producers Sharp Entertainment and Magilla Productions.

The Scripps Network-owned broadcaster is launching Edge of America, Feed The Beast and The Kevin Michael Connolly Project (WT). All three series are 6x30mins.

Edge of America, produced by Bayou Billionaires producer Magilla Productions, follows entertainment journalist Geoff Edgers as he attends calf testicle festivals in Oklahoma, lobster boat races in Maine and tall bike jousting in Oregon.

Feed The Beast, produced by Man V Food and Extreme Couponing producer Sharp Entertainment, follows Mikey Roe as he searches out the best late night eats across America.

Finally, The Kevin Michael Connolly Project, produced by Deep Sea Detectives producer Crazy Legs Productions, follows Connolly, an author and photographer with no legs as he goes rock climbing, skiing and mountain hiking.

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