Saban launches Paul Frank kids series Julius Jr.

Saban is launching a new series Julius Jr. The animated preschool series will be distributed by Marvista Entertainment.

Julius Jr.

The 26 half-hour series will be based on characters from the Paul Frank fashion and accessories brand, which Saban acquired in 2010.

The 2D show follows Julius Jr., a monkey who has adventures with a magical box that makes everyday items come to life.

It is currently being made by Saban and Canada’s Brain Power Studios.

The new series does not have a broadcaster attached yet, but Marvista will start shopping it to potential partners at MIP Junior.

“We are always looking for unique ways to expand our brand and engage consumers on a multitude of platforms, and with Julius Jr., we will achieve our goal of extending our reachinto the preschool market,” Elie Dekel, president, Saban Brands.

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