ICM agent leaves for Chuck Lorre’s prodco

Robert Broder is leaving talent agency ICM to join Chuck Lorre Productions.

Bob Broder

Lorre is the most successful comedy writer and showrunner in US TV and recently renewed an overall deal with Warner Bros. for four more years.

The new deal will see him move into drama and movies for the first time and Broder will assist in managing all of the production company’s operations.

Broder will continue to be engaged in the careers of some of his clients.

“I recently told Bob Broder that I wanted to start a production company that made all forms of television as well as feature films and stage plays,” Lorre said. “I said he should quit being one of the most successful literary agents in the history of the business and help me run it. To my amazement, he said yes. I was only kidding, but it’s a little too late to tell him that, so I’m just going to say how grateful I am to have such an incredibly wise, experienced and vaguely ruthless guy at the helm of this thing.”

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