Liz and Dick

Liz & Dick

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton captured the sense of anticipation around Lifetime’s new movie when he wrote: “Who isn’t intrigued to see how today’s most notorious starlet will handle portraying one of Hollywood’s most notable icons?!”

The starlet in question is Lindsay Lohan who takes on the role of Elizabeth Taylor in her first starring role in five years. She stars opposite Grant Bowler in the biopic of the movie stars, which traces their romance, marriages and divorces.

“Larry Thompson has a huge heritage and history of doing wonderful TV movies, Amish Grace was one of the all-time best-performing Lifetime movies,” says Christian Murphy, senior VP, international programming and marketing at A+E Networks. “He pitched it to us and it tells one of the greatest ever love stories. Lindsay Lohan will bring in a whole generation that might not have watched this normally.”

Murphy adds: “The authenticity and lengths that the producers went to recreate the glamour and drama of the day were amazing, Lindsay makes something like 60 costume changes.”

The two-hour movie will debut on Lifetime in the US and its new network in Canada and A+E Networks is selling the show and will launch it internationally at MIPCOM.


Liz & Dick

The show: Liz & Dick
The Producer: Larry A. Thompson Productions
The distributor: A+E Networks
Airing: Lifetime (US, Canada)
Concept: 1x2hr TV movie about the on-off-on-off love affair between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, starring Lindsay Lohan



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