Transporter – The Series


The show: Transporter – The Series
The producers: Atlantique Productions, QVF
The distributor: Europe Images International
Airing: Cinemax (US), M6 (France), RTL (Germany), The Movie Network (Canada), Mediaset (Italy), HBO Ole (Latin America)

Transporter – The Series is one of the most high-profile film-to-television remakes to come out of Europe. The television series is based on the popular film franchise created by Luc Besson that starred Jason Statham.

Although, Statham and Besson are not directly involved, the plot of the television version remains loyal to the films; Frank Martin, played by Chris Vance, who has starred in The Mentalist and Prison Break, plays Frank Martin, The Transporter. Martin will carry anything, no questions asked and as ex-special forces will ensure that it will be delivered regardless of any problems. However, there are a number of rules including the fact that the deal must never be changed, no names and the package can never be opened.

“It’s very close to the movies. Jason Statham is not in it, but Francois Berleand from the films is, and in terms of the glamour and the rules, everything is very similar to the movies,” says Emmanuelle Bouilhaguet, managing director of Europe Images International, which is distributing the series.

The series was produced by Lagardere-owned Atlantique Productions and Canada’s QVF and is executive produced by Tim Lea, who has worked on Flash Forward, and 24’s Brad Turner. “The key selling point is the fact that we have the main broadcasters from the United States and Europe,” says Bouilhaguet. “It’s part of a recent trend for European fiction to be produced in English.”

Transporter – The Series will be launched at MIPCOM, however there are only a number of territories available, including those in Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and the UK, after a raft of international broadcasters secured presales.