Exclusive: Pawn Stars producer setting in LA and looking at the UK

Pawn Stars producer Leftfield Pictures is eyeing a move into scripted programming following the success of its reality slate and is opening an office in LA to facilitate this move. The company is also looking at establishing a presence in the UK, either by setting up its own office or  buying an existing production company.

Founder and executive producer Brent Montgomery told TBI: “We’re looking to open an LA office in the coming months and believe it’s important to be close to the buyers.”

Leftfield, which produces a raft of reality series and docusoaps for US cable networks, is also looking to expand internationally and is eyeing the acquisition of a British producer to further its growth.
The company, which also produces American Restoration for History and Bid & Destroy for Nat Geo, is keen to expand globally. “We’re just trying to figure out how to make inroads in the UK and whether that’s with a production partner or starting an office there. The UK is the conduit to the rest of the world,” Montgomery said. “There aren’t many production companies left, but yes, we could buy. Buy or be bought. If we owned Pawn Stars, I’d probably have bought three companies by now.”

Leftfield Pictures forthcoming series include Pawn Stars spin-off Counting Cars and Full Metal Racket, a reality series about a family that run the Knob Creek Gun Range.