NCIS the top drama import in Europe 2011

NCIS was the most successful drama imported into Europe in 2011, ahead of CSI: Miami, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, House and The Mentalist.

New research from Essential TV Statistics, Madigan Cluff and Digital TV Research measured the value of imported drama based on the value of the advertising slots in which the programmes were transmitted. They calculated that the cumulative value of imported drama for European broadcasters in 2011 was US$6 billion and the top ten titles accounted for almost a quarter of that total.

The top ten is rounded out by Criminal Minds, CSI: NY, Sturm der Liebe, Two and Half Men and Bones. Global Screen-distributed Sturm der Liebe (Storm of Love) was the only series in the top ten not distributed by the Hollywood studios.

By studio, CBS was a clear winner with the top three shows and four of the top ten. Warner Bros had two shows in the top ten and Disney, Fox and NBC one apiece.

However, report co-author and Madigan Cluff director Michael Cluff said that other distributors accounted for a sizable chunk of value across the top 200 titles. “These six [studios] are probably not as dominant as many people would have guessed. Indeed, seventh-placed ZDF was pretty close to Sony in 2011. ITV was next with $116 million. Ninth place (and the only other distributor to record more than $100 million from Europe’s top 200 titles) went to Bavaria Media, but this was solely for Sturm der Liebe.”