Parade’s End producer preps refugee drama The Silver Sword

Parade’s End producer David Parfitt is working with Artists Studio on a TV adaptation of Ian Seraillier novel The Silver Sword. The ex-BAFTA chairman and producer of movies including Shakespeare in Love tells TBI that he is working with Artists Studio’s Gub Neal on the project.

The book follows the efforts of a man to find his family after escaping a World War II Polish prison camp.

The book will be adapted by Nigel Williams (Sea Wolf and Moby Dick) and Sea Wolf and Moby Dick producer Gate Films is also on board as a production partner.

“It’s about refugee children after World War II trying to get back to their parents,” Parfitt says. “Ian Seraillier told the story in one book, but we see it as a possible two-parter.”

No broadcaster is officially attached, but Parfitt says that the BBC are involved at this stage.

Parfitt has recently finished producing Parade’s End for the BBC and HBO and that miniseries will debut in the UK and the US this summer.