The Asylum heads to MIP with Nazis and zombies

US production company The Aslyum is heading to MIP with a raft of TV movies including Nazis at the Center of the Earth and Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies.

The company is heading to Cannes for the first time and will be offering 19 telefilms from US networks including Syfy and Lifetime to international broadcasters.

As well as Nazis at the Center of the Earth, which stars Dominique Swain and Jake Busey, and Confederate undead story Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, it will be launching Syfy’s American Battleship, Bigfoot and Shark Week as well as Lifetime’s Adopting Terror and action sci fi drama Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark.

“With new US deals with Syfy Networks and Lifetime Television, it continues to be more and more crucial that we expand to global television markets,” said company partner Paul Bales. “We look forward to our first MIPTV and to providing buyers a sneak peek at the wide variety of The Asylum’s unique brand of entertainment we’re offering in the coming year.”

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